idstringDelivery Solutions' generated unique ID for the boundary.
storeExternalIdstringID of the pickup location to which the boundary is associated with.
shapestringShape of a boundary, can be one of polygon, circle, zip, or address.
latitudenumberThe latitudinal point of a boundary, for boundary type circle or address.
longitudenumberThe longitudinal point of a boundary, for boundary type circle or address.
addressstringThe address which acts as the centre-point of a boundary, for type address.
radiusnumberThe radius of a boundary in miles, for type circle or address.
statusstringA boundary can be either active or inactive.
namestringThe name given to the boundary.
typestringA boundary can be either of type in-service or out-of-service.
zipcodestringFor boundary type zip, it covers the entire area of the assigned zipcode.
tagsArray of stringsThe boundary tags assigned to the boundary
boundaryArray of objectsEach object contains two keys, latitude and longitude, which have a number value. This contains the points of the boundary, which in its entirety forms the boundary.