Get Order

Use this API to retrieve the order details with the external Id (orderExternalId) that was used in Create Order.


Using External ID

External ID needs to be unique to use this API.

HTTP Response

Please see Order.


Force Update

In a Get Order request, there may be fields that are updated at Provider's end but not in Delivery Solutions.

In case of force update, Delivery Solutions will fetch the latest updates from the Provider and update the relevant fields. Any errors encountered during fetch updates will be mentioned in theerrors property in the Get Order API response along with the reason for failure.

In case of any information updates or if the status of the order is updated, it will be notified through the configured communication mediums such as webhooks, notifications, etc.

This is currently supported by a few providers only. If a provider does not support fetch updates operation, data present in Delivery Solutions will be returned.

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