Return Request Statuses

The following is a list of Return Request Statuses that depicts the various stages of the Return Request Lifecycle.

However, a subset of these statuses will be applicable for the Return Request based on the Return Method Type.

INITIATEDCustomerProcessingReturn Request created by the customer
PENDING_APPROVALDSProcessingReturn Request getting reviewed by the Retailer
ACCEPTEDTenantProcessingReturn Request accepted by the Retailer
PICKUP_STARTEDProviderProcessingDriver initiated the Pickup for the Return Order
DRIVER_AT_PICKUPProviderProcessingDriver is at the pickup address
DRIVER_AT_PICKUPProviderProcessingDriver has successfully picked up the Return Order
IN_PROGRESSProviderProcessingReturn Order Pickup Started
COMPLETEDProviderTerminalReturn Order Delivered
FAILEDTerminalReturn Request Failed