Get Rates

When placing an order with any Provider, the estimated pickup and delivery times along with the rate provided by each service offered by the Provider are crucial information that can help in deciding the Provider and the services offered by it. The Get Rates API helps achieve this for all the Providers assigned to the stores.

The minimum required parameters for the Rate API are zipcode in the deliveryAddress and the storeExternalIds. This provides the rates for all the Providers assigned to the stores for delivery to a location in that zipcode.

The Rate API comes with the ability to use Orchestration. If the orchestration module is used, then the ruleApplied is set to true on the rates which are selected by the orchestration module. By default, all the rates processed by the orchestration module are sent in the response. The API can be configured to send only those rates that are selected by the orchestration module and filter the rest by setting the displayWinningRates parameter to true.

The default options for the get rates can also be configured at the business level. Please contact Delivery Solutions Support if you wish to configure the default options for the Rates Request API. The configured default options can be overridden while using the API.

The rate response provides an array of rates - each rate consisting of the estimated pick up and delivery time offered by different services of the Providers along with the amounts that it shall charge for the service. The response also includes errors sent by the Provider if the provider is unable to provide a rate for the given parameters as well as any validation messages.


This API supports fetching rates for multiple stores (up to 10 stores are supported when doing a rate call). There will be latency in response times when a rate call is made with multiple stores.

Rates Service Response

rateIdDS Rate Id created in our system.Stringrequired
ratesarray of RateArray of Objectsrequired
errorsarray of ErrorsArrayconditional
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