Edit Location

Use this API to edit a location using the store external ID.

Edits a location using the store external ID assigned to a location.

Only the fields that need to be updated are required to be in the body.


The unique Delivery Solutions' _id can also be used in place of the storeExternalId. When doing so, directly provide the _id after /store/, without storeExternalId


_idstringDelivery Solutions' internal unique ID for the location.
activebooleanThe pick up location can be marked as active or inactive using the true/false flag. Default is true (pickup location is enabled).
namestringName of the pickup location.
storeExternalIdstringUnique ID of the pickup location generated in your system and configured in our system.
contactContactThe contact details for the location. Only the name and phone number fields are stored for a location.
addressAddressAddress of the pickup location.
timeZonestringTimezone in which the pickup location is present.
currencyCodestringISO 4217 alphabetical code, e.g. USD.
pickupInstructionsstringPickup instructions for the pickup location.
returnStoreIdstringThe configured return ID for the pickup location, for when an order needs to be returned to a different location.
DSPsArray of ProvidersList of providers configured for the pickup location.
dspAttributesObject containing Provider Config AttributesProvider attributes configured for the pickup location, when necessary for certain providers.
createdAtstringThe time when the pickup location was created in Delivery Solutions, in ISO 8601 format
lastUpdatedAtstringThe time when the pickup location was last updated, in ISO 8601 format.
additionalContactsArray of Store ContactAdditional contact details for a store
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