Order Statuses

The following is a list of Order Statuses that depicts the various stages of the Order Lifecycle.
However, a subset of these statuses will be applicable for the order based on the Order Type.

REQUEST_RECEIVED TenantProcessingA request has been received by DS and
it is being processed.
PENDING_DISPATCHDSProcessingOrder is saved or schedule for future.
PENDING_RELEASE DSProcessingOrder is pending with DS and ready to be released to Provider.
PENDING_AUTORETRYDSProcessingOrder wasn't dispatched successfully and is scheduled to be retried.
ESTIMATES_RECEIVEDDSProcessingOne or more estimates have been obtained for the request.
ESTIMATES_FAILEDDSTerminalNo response or error received from Providers
for the request.
ORDER_DISPATCHEDDSProcessingOrder has been placed by DS with the Providers.
STAGEDDSProcessingOrder has been staged by the runner by in the staging area.
ORDER_FAILEDDSTerminalOrder could not be sent
to carrier.
ORDER_ASSIGNEDProviderProcessingOrder has been assigned to a driver.
ORDER_UNASSIGNEDProviderProcessingOrder has been unassigned from driver.
PICKUP_STARTEDProviderProcessingPickup has been started.
PICKUP_COMPLETEDProviderProcessingPickup has been completed successfully.
IN_TRANSITProviderProcessingShipment is in-transit.
OUT_FOR_DELIVERYProviderProcessingOrder is out for delivery.
ORDER_AT_LOCATIONProviderProcessingOrder has reached to alternate location.
ORDER_DELIVEREDProviderTerminalOrder has been delivered successfully.
ORDER_DELAYED ProviderProcessingOrder has been delayed.
ORDER_REDELIVERY ProviderProcessingRedelivery is being attempted.
ORDER_UNDELIVERABLEProviderTerminalProviders was unable to deliver order to the customer.
ERROR_EXCEPTIONProviderTerminalError or exception has occurred.
ORDER_CANCELLEDTenantTerminalOrder has been successfully canceled.

Following are some Partial statuses only for Multi-Shipments Flow. Following statuses are deprecated.

PARTIAL_IN_TRANSITProviderProcessingOrder has some shipments which are in-transit. Applicable for parent orders.
PARTIAL_DELIVEREDProviderProcessingOrder has some shipments which are delivered. Applicable for parent orders.
PARTIAL_EXCEPTIONProviderProcessingOrder has some shipments for which error has occurred.Applicable for parent orders.
PARTIAL_CANCELLEDProviderProcessingOrder has some shipments which are cancelled. Applicable for parent orders.