Create Brand

Use this API to create a new brand under the specific business. A business can have multiple brands associated with it.


  • A default brand is created under a business when the account is setup by Delivery Solutions.
  • Brand id and external id cannot be changed later once created.


_idStringUnique ID for the brand assigned by Delivery Solutions
nameStringName of the brand
brandExternalIdStringUnique id of the brand from the customer as setup in their system
addressObjectAddress of the brand
descriptionStringDescription of the brand
activebooleanFlag that specifies whether the brand is enabled or disabled
tenantIdStringtenantId associated with the business
atRiskObjectatRisk settings associated with the brand.
pickupInstructionsStringpickupInstructions associated with the brand
currencyCodeStringcurrency code associated with the brand
isDefaultbooleanspecifies whether the brand is default
createdAtStringThe time when the brand was created in Delivery Solutions in ISO 8601 format
lastUpdatedAtStringThe time when the brand was last updated in ISO 8601 format.
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