Provider Errors

Provider errors should not be used in the integration. The purpose of Provider errors is mostly just for reconciliation of a specific transaction in case of failure. Provider errors are mostly consumed by our internal services.

Error CodeDescription
ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND The provider is unable to validate the address.
ALL_ADDRESSES_MUST_BE_DISTINCT The pickup address and delivery address cannot be the same.
CANNOT_GENERATE_ORDER The provider encountered an error while creating an order.
DELIVERY_ALREADY_EXISTS / DUPLICATE_ORDERID Order ID already exists with the Provider.
DELIVERY_TIME_TOO_SOON Delivery time is too soon for the provider to give estimates or receive the order.
DELIVERY_WINDOW_EXPIRED The delivery window to deliver an order is expired.
DELIVERY_WINDOW_UNAVAILABLE The requested delivery window is unavailable.
DSP_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_CANCELLATION / NON_CANCELABLE_DELIVERY The provider does not allow orders to be canceled.
DSP_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_ORDER_MODIFICATION The provider does not allow orders that are placed to be edited.
DSP_DOES_NOT_OFFER_ESTIMATES The provider does not provide estimates for the requested Delivery.
DSP_TIMEOUT Request to DSP for estimates or creating an order received a timeout error.
DSP_UNKNOWN_ERROR The provider has returned an unexpected error.
ELIMINATED_BY_BUSINESS_RULES DSP was eliminated due to existing business rules.
EXPIRED_ESTIMATE Delivery Estimates has been expired.
FAILED_ACCOUNT_CREATION DSP failed to create a User Account.
FIELD_TOO_LONG One or more characters exceeded the allowed maximum character length.
INVALID_COUNTRY The invalid country provided for the pickup or delivery address.
INVALID_DELIVERY_WINDOW The delivery window cannot be in the past or blank.
INVALID_DROPOFF_ADDRESS Invalid delivery address.
INVALID_DROPOFF_DEADLINE Delivery window end-time cannot be before pickup window and dropoff start-time.
INVALID_DROPOFF_TIME Delivery window start-time cannot be before pickup window end-time.
INVALID_DSP_STORE_ID If the DSP has a store configuration, the provided value is incorrect.
INVALID_PACKAGE_DIMENSION Invalid package dimensions.
INVALID_PACKAGE_TYPE Invalid package type.
INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER Invalid phone number.
INVALID_PICKUP_ADDRESS Invalid pickup location address.
INVALID_STORE_PHONE_NUMBER Invalid pickup location phone number.
INVALID_TIP_VALUE Invalid tips value.
INVALID_URL Requested endpoint or URL not found.
LOCATION_NAME_TOO_LONG One or more characters exceeded the allowed maximum character length for address.
MAX_DISTANCE_EXCEEDED / OUTSIDE_THE_COVERAGE_AREA / ZIPCODE_OUT_OF_SERVICEABLE_AREA The distance between the pickup address and delivery address is more than the maximum for the provider.

Either pickup or drop-off address is outside the DSP coverage area.

Zipcode is out of the serviceable area.
MISSING_DATA Information is missing for the required field.
NO_ESTIMATES_BY_HONOR_DELIVERY_WINDOW DSP provided estimate does not deliver the order in the delivery window.
NO_ESTIMATES_BY_HONOR_PICKUP_WINDOW DSP provided an estimate that does not pickup the order in the pickup window.
NO_ESTIMATES_UNDER_THRESHOLD_AMOUNT Provider estimate is above the set threshold amount set in Business Rules.
NON_SUPPORTED_PICKUP_TIME Given Pickup Time is not supported by the DSP.
ORDER_NOT_FOUND DSP could not find the order in their system.
PACKAGE_NOT_FOUND DSP could not find package information.
PACKAGE_WEIGHT_OVER_LIMIT Weight of the package above the DSP required limits.
PACKAGES_SIZE_OVER_LIMIT Size of the package above the DSP required limits.
PAYMENT_PROCESSING_ERROR DSP failed to process payment for the delivery
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND DSP could not find the requested resource.
SERVER_ERROR DSP encountered an Internal Server Error
SIGNATURE_NOT_AVAILABLE DSP has not taken the signature for the order.
TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Too many requests we received by the DSP.
UNAUTHORIZED Request failed with unauthorized access error.
UNAVAILABLE DSP service is unavailable.
UNMAPPED_ERROR Request received Unidentifiable Error response from DSP.
UNSET_PICKUP_ADDRESS_ID The pickup location ID is not configured in DSP system.
UNSET_PICKUP_ADDRESS_NAME The pickup location name is not configured in DSP system.
VALIDATION_FAILED The delivery request contains an invalid value for a parameter.
WEIGHT_OVER_LIMIT The package weight exceeded the DSP package weight limit.