Item - Order

A full item object for Order calls. Helps in improving the fulfillment of orders as well as communication in post-purchase use cases.

skustringtrueAn ID that indicates/identify the product/variant.
upcstringfalseUniversal Product Code for the item.
quantityintegerfalse# of items of the SKU. Defaults to 1.
sizeDimensionfalseDimensions of the item.
weightdecimalfalseWeight in pounds (lbs) of an item.
pricedecimalfalseRetail price of the item.
sale_pricedecimalfalseThe sale price of the item.
imagestringfalseLink to the image file of the item. Should be a full public URL. File types accepted are JPG and PNG.
titlestringfalseTitle of the item.
descriptionstringfalseDescription of the item.
categorystringfalseThe category to which this item belongs
tagsArray of stringfalseAdditional information, that can be stored, for the item
eg: ["93357", "Premium","MADA LUXE"]
itemAttributesAttributefalseCustom item attributes.