Item - Order

A full item object for Order calls. Helps in improving the fulfillment of orders as well as communication in post-purchase use cases.

skustringtrueAn ID that indicates/identify the product/variant.
upcstringfalseUniversal Product Code for the item.
quantityintegerfalse# of items of the SKU. Defaults to 1.
sizeDimensionfalseDimensions of the item.
weightdecimalfalseWeight in pounds (lbs) of an item.
pricedecimalfalseRetail price of the item.
sale_pricedecimalfalseThe sale price of the item.
imagestringfalseLink to the image file of the item. Should be a full public URL. File types accepted are JPG and PNG.
titlestringfalseTitle of the item.
descriptionstringfalseDescription of the item.
itemAttributesAttributefalseCustom item attributes.