Edit Order

Use this API to modify the details of the order after it has been placed in our system.


Using External ID

Order External ID needs to be unique to use this API.


  • All the parameter validations that are specified in the Create Order API will be enforced.
  • All the properties of the order can be edited as long as the order is yet to be assigned to a Provider.
  • Once the order has been assigned, the Provider can decide the fields that can be successfully edited.
  • At least one field should be provided in the edit order request otherwise the request would fail.


Force Update

In an Edit Order request, there may be fields that needs to be updated in the Provider's system and fields that are relevant to Delivery Solutions only.

The fields that are sent to the Provider are expected to be updated successfully on their system. In case the update on the Provider's side fails, the Edit Order request in Delivery Solutions will not be updated as well. Also, the fields that are irrelevant to the provider would also not be updated in Delivery Solutions.

In case of force update, all the fields which are changed, are updated in Delivery Solutions. In addition, all the changed Provider-specific fields (if any) are sent to the Provider in order to be updated in its system. The fields will be updated in Delivery Solutions even if the Provider fails to update the order in its system.

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