Order is a service that allows you to create and manage orders with all providers in Delivery Solutions. An order is at the core of all deliveries facilitated across the platform. It consists of the relevant information required by the platform and in turn by the providers to make a delivery.

An order is placed for a specific pickup location and drop-off address. Pickup location level configurations can be overridden at the order level.

Override priority within the Delivery Solutions platform:
Order -> Pickup Location -> Brand -> Business

Hierarchy within the Delivery Solutions platform:
Business -> Brand -> Pickup Location -> Order

When an order request is received, Delivery Solutions requests for estimates from all the providers. A Provider gets selected for fulfilling the order based on the rules configured in Orchestration for an estimate.

Order can have two types of statuses:

  1. Pre Dispatched: orders created are within the Delivery Solutions system and the details aren't shared with the provider.
  2. Dispatched: The order has been placed by Delivery Solutions with the Providers.