Delivery Solutions Errors

From the perspective of the integration, external systems should only be considering Delivery Solutions' Errors.
Those are common across our APIs in different contexts.

Error CodeDescription
CANCELLATION_NOT_ALLOWEDProvider does not allow cancellation of orders.
DUPLICATE_IDResource with provided id already exists.
DUPLICATE_NAMEResource with provided name already exists.
DUPLICATE_RESOURCEResource already exists.
ENTITY_IS_NOT_ACTIVEResource is in Inactive status. hence, the request cannot be completed.
FORBIDDENAccess to the requested resource is forbidden.
GEOCODING_FAILEDGeocoding Service for the given address failed
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORRequest encourtered an internal server erro
INVALID_DATARequired data is invalid or missing
INVALID_OPERATIONRequested operation cannot be performed on the resource
NO_DSP_ASSIGNEDNo Provider has been assigned to the mentioned location
NO_DSP_MATCHEDNo Provider matched the criteria for the requested delivery.
NOT_FOUNDResource not found in DS.
ORDER_ALREADY_CANCELLEDRequested order is already in Cancelled state.
ORDER_CANCELLATION_FAILEDProvider failed to cancel the order.
PLACE_ORDER_FAILEDFailed to place the requested order with the configured providers
TOO_MANY_REQUESTSToo many requests received per second.
UNAUTHORIZEDRequest failed with unauthorized access error.
UNMAPPED_ERRORRequest received unidentifiable error response.
VALIDATION_ERRORField validation failed as per the expected input.
SCORING_FAILEDScoring Service for the given address failed.